Welcome to BES
Welcome to BES
Live & Work
in Belgium

Live & Work
in Belgium

BES is located in the heart of Europe, in the great city of Brussels

A place to work

Belgium is a peaceful country, it holds the world record for the longest period without a government that lasted for 589 days of compromises.

The capital of Belgium, Brussels is the second most cosmopolitan city in the world after Dubai, with 184 nationalities. Of the 1.2 million residents, more than half were born in a foreign country. This diversity leads to rich international gastronomy on top of the finest Belgian beers, fries, cheeses, chocolate, and waffles. The culture also benefits from diversity.

It’s easy to escape for a city trip or a few days since the country has a perfect location, in 2 hours by train or road you can reach England, France, Netherlands, Germany or Luxembourg and within a maximum of 4 hours flight you can reach any European country.

Three other points make Belgium a popular destination to live: 

  • high-level of the healthcare system
  • high-level of the education system 
  • and excellent public facilities.

Finally, Belgium is the headquarters of the European institutions and many other international corporations.

A place to work

Belgian agenda

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2023 has one more month to offer!

Outdoor Event ┃ Dec. Christmas Market Liege

Outdoor Event ┃ Dec. Namur Christmas market

Outdoor Event ┃ Dec. Christmas Market Brugge

Expo  ┃ Dec. Van Gogh : The Immersive Experience

Expo  ┃ Dec. Small is Beautiful

Outdoor Event ┃ Dec. Brussels Winter Wonders

Expo  ┃ Dec. Magritte Museum

Expo  ┃ Dec. "Monet, Van Gogh : rêves de Japon"

Outdoor Event ┃ Dec. Brussels by lights

Concert ┃ Until 10 Dec. Lanterna Magica

Concert ┃ 6 Dec. Disiz

Outdoor Event ┃ From 7 Dec. Leuven Christmas Market

Outdoor Event ┃ From 7 Dec. Ghent Christmas Market

Outdoor Event ┃ From 8 Dec. Christmas Market Antwerp

Concert ┃ 8 Dec. Hozier

Party ┃ 9 Dec. Mont des Arts Party

Concert ┃ 10 Dec. Pierre Perret

Concert ┃ 10 Dec. Lil Yachty

Concert ┃ 12 Dec. Candlelight Noël : Jingle Bells, Let It Snow et Mariah Carey

Concert ┃ 12 Dec. Tribute to Frank Sinatra

Concert ┃ 13 Dec. The Music of Hans Zimmer and John Williams

Concert ┃ 13 Dec. Sofiane Pamart

Concert ┃ 13-14 Dec. Loïc Nottet

Comedy Show ┃ 14 Dec. Adel

Concert ┃ 16 Dec. Fally Ipupa

Party ┃ 16 Dec. LOVE BOAT avec Madame Moustache @ THE VIAGE

Concert ┃ 16 Dec. The Music of Hans Zimmer and John Williams

Pop Up Store ┃ From 24 Dec. Takashi Murakami - Pop Up Store

Concert ┃ 28 Dec. Axelle Red

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